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RE: another approach to looping

Unless i misunderstand your post, i think there are quite a few out there
who do this either with a single guitar or instruments of choice.

 If i understand what you're saying, I actually do this with every
instrument in my board. I run my looper through an aux, then anything miked
(drums -vocals) or any instrument in the board can be looped in a rehearsed
fashion or when the groove is right in a jam. To me this is what looping is
all about. And the beauty of this approach is no matter how hard you try to
duplicate it - you can't, the song will always be new and must evolve. 

the only negative it usually takes 30- 60 seconds to get parts built
depending on the number of players.  On stage this can make 30 seconds seek
like 12 minutes.

Todd Quincy                                                     
BC Rich, Kustom, Davitt & Hanser