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Re: Loop sequencers?

Could you tell me more about Reality?
Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com wrote:
> Hey all... I'm new to the list, so I'll give a speck of background. My
looping setup consists of a very pretty Line 6 DL4 in my aux loop,
grabbing and looping from an ensoniq esq-1, a windows laptop running
reality 1.5 something, bass and mics. I have discovered that to properly
do what I'm trying to do, I need another looper so I can crossfade
between textures...

My question is: Is there a (windows) software or (cheap) hardware midi
sequencer that can loop midi data in realtime, with undo, tempo change,
etc? I think I saw someone doing this with VST once, but VST and Reality
do not play nice at all...