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Re: JamMan HW problems

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Tiktok wrote:

> I seem to remember that the rotary knobs on that series of Lex products 
> the most common thing to fail, and would cause similar problems.   A few
> years ago I contacted Lex regarding out-of-warranty repairs, and they 
> a flat repair rate of $90-something.  You might check with them and see 
> they've still got a similar policy.
> TH

Indeed.  A while back I picked up a used Vortex that immediately went
screwy on me...symptoms similar (it seems) to the original poster's 
JamMan problems.  Turns out one of the rotary nobs was the culprit. 
On the up-side, I can say that Lexicon's customer support was absolutely
marvelous.  After a few emails, I sent the non-functioning unit back to
them, got a quick turn around, and since it was still warranteed, the
repair was free.  Excellent support, excellent product.

In my discussions with them, I seem to remember a flat rate for
unwarranteed repairs, but I want to say it was somewhat less
than the approx. $90 above.  I could easily be wrong though.

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