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Re: soundmorphing software for pc

Last time I looked, the Kyma software was available for Windows.  Have
they abandoned it?

Probably the best bet for being able to do that kind of sound morphing
on the PC platform (short of getting a Kyma/Capybara system) would be
Csound.  Csound isn't for the faint of heart, though.  It has a steep
learning curve, and many people do find the process of writing ORC and
SCO (orchestra and score) files too disconnected from the act of making
music to be useful.  I personally love Csound, though I haven't used it
in a while.  For an example of a piece that uses a very simple Csound
orchestra (drenched with lots of reverb), check out "Stained Glass I:
FLW - IX" at my (woefully out-of-date) mp3.com site:

I am looking forward to getting some loops up there soon, but first I've
got a Bluezette to do...


Jon Southwood

"Dennis W. Leas" wrote:
> This answer doesn't fit your Windows criteria, and I don't know what 
>your budget
> is like, but Kyma is quite proficient at true sound morphing.  I suspect 
>that a
> MAX/MSP combination might also fit your bill except that it's currently 
> only.
> Dennis Leas
> -----------------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com