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Re: Lots of fun.

>but with this kind of power I may make a big shift
>towards this DAW and virtual instruments.

I wanted to thank Todd for the above comments and the other points of
interest he brought up.  It got me thinking, though...

Hard Drive based recording, complex editing, virtual instruments and the
like gives unprecedented power to musicians.  However, it also gives
unprecedented power to crappy musicians to put together some pretty
impressive stuff.  I know this for a fact, because what i can create on the
hard drive blows away what i am capable of producing with my fingers and my
instrument.  (hopefully i didn't infer that i'm a 'crappy' musician, but

Do you feel that if this trend continues that there may be some sort of
rebellion or 'backlash' to it?  That we may place a much greater value on
music that is actually 'played' for us, as it will allow us firsthand to
know if the person, or ensemble, actually has any musical merit?

The recording industry has used 'tricks' to mask musical inabilities for
years, but it seems the game is at a whole new level now.

just a thought...go back to work, rich