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Re: Lots of fun.

>If listeners started to value chops over (the opposite... what's the 
>of chops?), then they'd shift their tastes, and non-chops music, i.e.,
>anything that stresses programming over hands-on instrumental skill, would
>begin to lose popularity.  I can't see THAT happening -- most major
>commercial productions involve big-time programming... I looked at the 
>of the last Mariah Carey CD.... countless producers, engineers,
>button-pushers.... all this framework to stick that voice into, and all
>calculated specifically to move tonnage.
I guess my thoughts were also tied to this evolving Internet music delivery
system, which everyone is in a big panic about:  Fans of music want it for
FREE, the recording industry is wondering where their profits are going to
come from, and musicians seem to be split on it.

Music created on the computer, distributed by the computer, and listened to
on the computer.  Samples stolen by the computer to make more music on the
computer. (snake eating tail...loop content)

In my minds eye, the 'backlash' is possible because we may become weary of
all of this technology and production and wish for a more organic
experience with the musician.  Like someone would rather drive for an hour
to see a guy play an oud, rather than spend that hour collecting a shitload
of songs off the internet.  but then, maybe that's a developing transition
in myself and i'm just trying to project it out to the industry as a whole?

>Short answer: no, I dont see a backlash coming.  If you can make a piece 
>music that is direct from your own self, and finds a target in the 
>then what do you need chops for?

wow.  that's a headfull.  we could chew on that one for days, eh?