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Re: another approach to looping

> > One of the most challenging gigs I ever did was a small tour
> > accompanying a
> > great master of the pakhawaj

>And the master's name was...? I don't think i
>know the names of any master pakhawaj players.
>Would love to hear some of this.

Thanks for asking, Peter.  His name was Pandit Arjun Shejwal, from Bombay.
Sadly, he passed away about 8 years ago while still in his prime.  There 
several available recordings of him accompanying Indian vocalists and
instrumentalists, as well as a duet drumming performance with Fazal
Qureishi, a brilliant tabla player.  Unfortunately the recordings, being
mostly accompaniment, can't even approach the power and excitement of his
solo performances.  I believe there was a CD-length recording made at the
same time I toured with him but unfortunately it was never released, nor
does it appear likely ever to be released

Please contact me off-list if you would like any more information on the
available recordings.

James Pokorny