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OT: Gear for Sale

i know it's off topic (well, one of 'em has a loop function, i think), but
i thought i'd give you guys the first shot before e-baying this stuff:

- DOD FX60 stereo chorus ($30 including shipping USPS):  not super-lush but
good for stereoizing a mono source  :^)

- Yamaha NR-100 noise gate ($30 including shipping USPS): basic noise gate

- Yamaha QX7 Digital Sequence Recorder ($65 including shipping USPS)

- Korg SQD-1 Midi Recorder  ($65 including shipping USPS)

the midi gear is stuff i bought used back when i was thinking of
expanding/syncronizing my rig.  never got around to it (got my hands full
as it is!).  they both power up but i wouldn't know how to use 'em (i'm a
midiot) so i probably won't be able to go into much details on how they 

off-list replies (questions welcome),please.


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