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Re: Indian music

I found a great book at the Berklee library once.  It's by George Ruckert,
one of Ali Akbar Khan's students, and the book is called "An Introduction 
the Classical Music of North India".  It's supposed to simulate the first
year of classes at his school in California, and it starts with the basic
note names and Indian notation, and moves on to detailing individual ragas
(only a few; according to him, it's better to really know a few ragas than
to just "be familiar" with a whole lot of them) and rhythmic cycles 
After that, it's got a boatload of compositions you can learn to play.  The
book also deals with some of the religious and spiritual aspects of Indian
music.  It seems like a good place to start, if you've got $40 to spend.

The school has a website at http://www.aacm.org/aacm/index.html  and I 
you can order this book (and others) directly from them.

Have fun.


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> Hi all,
> Just wondering if someone could recommend a good introductory book on
> Indian music?
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