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Re: NYC lost item shriek...

>Roland MC-202 microcomposer
>analog synth/sequencer.
>unit is in blue laptop
>computer-type of shoulder bag,
>mounted in cut foam, has 2
>1/4" cables in outside pocket.
>if found please contact me
>(800) 913 6565 x 201
>in nyc 212 966 6565 x 201
>or tonobung@panix.com
>rewards in cash & karma
>are yours...

ouch, squared.

Robert gave a great show despite taking the nasty hit right before
he got there...

I live in fear of this... I once had a WX-7 stolen from right beside me
in Penn Station and I cried...

Hey, Robert...

The Taxi and Limousine Commission has a lost property form.
It probably won't work but it certainly can't hurt...


best of luck!


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