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stereoroid - cassette looping tracks uploaded at last!

I don't know if any of you folks remember I was discussing looping using 
"answering machine" continous cassettes? I was playing around with this a 
few years ago, and burned a few tracks to CD. I've finally got around to 
uploading four tracks to mp3.com, and I'd like to invite you folks to have 
a listen. 

My own little web site http://stereoroid.com has information about and 
links to "The Frivolous Project", the name I used for these tracks when I 
compiled them. At time of writing, two tracks have been approved by 
mp3.com, and two are pending - all 4 should be up at 
http://www.mp3.com/stereoroid by the time you read this.

PS - Markus R - these are some of the tracks on the CD-R I gave you a year 
or so ago, in case you're wondering!

brian thomson
bnt@email.com / bnt@stereoroid.com

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