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Re: Thanks and granular synthesis

Hi all,

I'd like to say thanks for your suggestions regarding Indian music, so -
The breadth of musical knowledge on this list is really quite
impressive. I wonder why? I can't think why a random collection of
individuals with a quirky, (as many people would see it) interest in
cyclical music/video should be so knowledgeable but I'm grateful for it.

Granular synthesis
A program called Audiomulch will do real time granular synthesis either
from live input to your sound card or from a .wav file you can save the
results as a .wav file of any length or output it directly to your sound
card - or both!
AudioMulch is also very easy to use and if you're into experimenting you
can change parameters using the mouse, automate them or assign them to
midi controller numbers, (or any combination). You are currently limited
to 20 grains though there is a feedback feature which multiplies this
figure considerably. If you have a reasonably fast PC you can always
connect a number of granulators together.


> Hi there, and sorry for the OT!
> Do you know if there are some software for the PC to do granular
> synthesis? (apart from Csound (very impressive!), which I am beginning
> to use these days)
> I've seen a litthe program which work with this type of synthesis, but
> it's for Mac!