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Burning Man

>I'm getting a porta-looping rig ready for Burning Man at the end of Aug.
>Battery powered mostly.  Has anyone on the list been there?

Have a good time!  I think a looping performance will go over well there, i
imagine.  Just be sure no one throws alot of mud on your setup while
they're writhing around to your tunes!

i must confess, i've never been.  a bit too looney for my tastes, but have
seen alot of pictures and such.  i have some friends who have just
imigrated from South Africa who are going this year, since they have their
own experiences from the South African 'burning man' events, and want to
see how the Americans strut their stuff...

Interesting though...they said it was $150 to attend.  WHAT?!?  I thought
this was an extremely remote, FREE, 'you are responsible for your own
livelihood out here' type of event.  What's going on?  Is the burning man
being co-opted?

Is nothing sacred...

have fun!