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Re: Burning Man

I went last year for the first time.  Whoever
mentioned the DUST was right-on - expect everything to
be covered with fine white dust.  i did talk to a
woman who was playing with a small group with a
drumkat, keyboards etc. outside whose black equipment
was chalky white.  She claimed that the dust did not
hurt the equipment, but _i_ wouldn't take any
electronic gear with a fan or moving parts except if i
knew was only going to play inside a well-covered
shelter or could protect them.  but I am toying with
taking an expressionmate and a QY-70 for grins if i go
this year :-)

Regarding the risk of going - there is LOTS of
potential for injury or death there - lots of things
burning, flame throwers, somethings exploding, large
structures hobbled together with god-knows-what,
thousands of drug-drenched people in an anything-goes
environement, sometimes in large masses - On the entry
ticket itself is a disclaimer that there is the
potential for injury or death for which you the
individual must take full responsibility(or something
to that nature.)

That being said, I never felt that I was in danger
while i was there.  YMMV.  The environment oddly
enough invokes trust in one's neighbor, who, as Ford
(or was it Arthur?) was informed, appear 'mostly
harmless.'  I heard of no violence at the '99 burn,
but there were several accidents or drug incidents
requiring medical attention.

If 24-hour techno drum machine thumping (push-button
looping?) isn't to your taste, i'd suggest staying on
the 'quiet' side of camp (quiet, hyah, right), but
that might limit any noise/music/looping that *you*
want to do.


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