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Re: Burning man

Perhaps he's just keeping up with the high standards we have for him!

I have to admit, having had several chances in the past to go to BM, and 
gone, that it's primarily because I was going to play at psychedelic
overnights that pre-date the rave as concept; and recently talked with
several of my friends who go either annually or bi-annually up to the
Tunnels in San Gabriel.  Great hike, great people, great reverb off the
uncompleted tunnels' walls.  Perhaps 40-50 people at the most, all sorts of
instruments, food, and etc. :)  And basically we all related that a friend
of ours, the one who'd gotten us all to go to the Tunnels in the first
place, had been trying to get all of us to go to BM with him.  We all 
the other night, that, well, we'd done it on a more personal - but not
small - scale.

I'm getting married Aug. 26 and moving to London, UK.  Thus I doubt very
much if BM would be part of our Honeymoon plans, though we will pass 
LA again in the process.  But I'll always remember the Tunnels.  It's where
I learned how to play in front of people, too. :)

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> >Burning Man is a pretentious (with a capital 'P')
> >neo-pagan/techno-primitive affair.
> >
> >- Larry T
> Not that i disagree (maybe on the capital 'P' part), but believe me...I
> just waitin' for Larry T's input on this thread...just waitin' for it...i
> knew it was coming!
> how can i say this without getting fried?  ummm....Larry, your bitterness
> is getting a bit, ummm...predictable.
> rich