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Re: midi foot contoller

Hello paulo,
I am debating whether i should change my DMC ground control for a Roland FC
200. I find the DMC a wonderful FC for what it does which is primarily
change patches and send cc´s.No note on/off stuff like the Roland does.On
the other side the DMC has a nice led screen and it sends midi comands to
different midi channels which the Roland doesn´t.
I will be in San Diego California in september, let me know where you are
and how i can contact you if you are interested in case i decide to sell 
Its practicly new so i would sell it for $200.00 (bought it a few months a
go for $250.00)


 On this topic, I am looking for recommendations for places that still sell
> Digital Music Ground Control pedal.  I've tried several online shops and
> of them seem to carry it.  A few actually carry the Rocktron All Access,
> supposedly the Rolls Royce of MIDI foot pedals, but it also comes at a
> Royce price.
> Thanks,
> Paolo