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re: Repeater

Kim Flint (04:53 AM 07.27.2000) wrote:

 >>Hi Andre;
 >>There is a whole world of composing possibilities when looking at loops. 
 >>can tell you from first hand experience in living in loops that it's not
 >>all about 4x4 beats and static pitched thumps.
 >hmm, just happened to notice that sentence and it struck me odd..... You
 >might want to check out the people you are talking to before you start
 >talking down to them.

Hi Kim;

It wasn't my intent to talk down to anyone on the list. I too have been on 
mailing lists for many years and recognize the rules of netiquette. I went 
through the archives far enough to know who I was talking to before I 

The tossing out of the 4x4 line is a reaction to what *I* read as an 
extreme in pigeon-holing the box into a DJ role with the statement of:

   ...from what I can tell it seems like the interface and the unit's 
   is more ideally suited to a DJ than a live instrumentalist.

To emphasize my impression of what he was saying here, I turned around 
the 4x4 statement.

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