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Does anyone have information about the BOSS DE-200


I bought an old Boss DE-200 rack mount digital delay from a friend, and I
use it for echo and other effects for my bass. The unit is pretty easy to
use, and I particularly enjoy the hold function as it allows me to play a
(very) short bass riff and then solo over it.

On the back of the unit there are several places to plug in controller
pedals; the bypass and hold ones are pretty self-explanatory, and very
useful, but I would like to know about the "RHYTHM SYNC." function. Does
anyone know what this does? How do I use it? What sort of pedals do I need
to buy? The two places to plug in are labelled "FOOT SW (DP-2)" and "TRIG. 

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated; the guy I bought this thing
from didn't have the manual and doesn't know anything at all about it.

Thanks a lot,