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Re: Repeater

Hi everyone,

>It must be clear now that there is no ideal feature set that will please
>everyone.  Judging by the messages on the list, it seems that most people
>are delighted by their EDPs.  While I wouldn't turn one down,  it lacks
>some very important features for me.

While we're compiling a feature wish list, let me add my 2 cents of looping

    - SCSI Interface to save and restore the loops
    - feedback values > 100% (like the old Roland SpaceEchos), combined 
a compressor/tape saturation modeller per loop
    - an external effects insert, to be able to insert something weird into
the feedback loop (like a pitch shifter for a long loop that goes up a
semitone each time the loop comes around, like the stuff by the old
loopmaster J.S.Bach in his chromatic kanons).
    - lots of buttons on the floorboard. buttons for selecting the "active"
loop (of the 4 independent ones on the repeater), record/overdub, 
and oneshot/retrigger. And the start/stop button can be configured to act 
a mute button. And of course start/stop or mute/unmute can be configured to
use programmable fade in/outs...