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Re: Gibson Echoplex in Germany?

Hello Danilo
I know what you mean, ive been asking for the echoplex since 3 years ago 
they swear that i am dreaming its impossible then they show me the akai
headrush as an alternative!
Wo wohnst du?

> Hello,
> I am so happy I found this website and mailinglist on the web. I was
> desperately looking for something like the Oberheim Digital Echoplex Pro
> and everybody told me something like this doesn't exist. Now I read that
> Gibson manufactures the Echoplex again.
> Can anyone tell me when the Gibson Echoplex will be available in Germany?
> The german distributor of Gibson hardly knows anything about this. But I
> want to have this machine soon! Does anyone know what it will cost?
> Greetings from Germany
> Danilo