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RE: Boston Loopers?

Correct me or add stuff here if you all have more experience at this than I
do, but I would describe video jamming/video jockeying as doing exactly 
a DJ does for audio, but with images and/or audio. What this means is
real-time multimedia  collaging, making images dynamically appear
(preferably in large-scale formats such as projections) in order to create 
certain mood , a vibe, whatever. For example, in august I'm going to
(equipment willing) perform with a DJ who will be doing the audio side. 
be creating the images and video loops beforehand (just as a DJ starts off
with certain raw materials -- my friend's going to bring all sorts of old
records & found sounds) and then we'll perform together, work off the
directions the other person takes, etc. to make a unique performance. 

Does that help to explain it? I'm pretty new to this stuff, but I heard the
term "video jockeying" and "video jamming" and am basically giving you my
idea of what I think it is...


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Hey Catherine,

>I'm in Boston -- just starting out with video jamming. Would like to hear
>what you're up to, if you'd be interested in combining your sounds with

Can you describe "video jamming?"  Thanks!

Dennis Leas