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I could use this forum's renowned expert advice on a seriously vexing
question.  I'm currently using the moribund Opcode VisionDSP platform on
a Mac Powerbook G3 400 (bronze).  I need some insight into the pros and
cons of the remaining players (Mac only- so no Cakewalk).  I'm currently
-Emagic Logic Audio (gold)
-Steinberg Cubase VST 5.0 VST/32 ( Competitive upgrade- if available in
the near future) also any VST/24 comments are welcome.
-MOTU Digital Performer (competitive upgrade)

I'm interested in the following issues:

-dongles and related problems (also solutions: such as the griffin Imate
for ADB to USB)
-mixing environments
-audio performance (any problems example: the alleged zipper noise in
-Included plugins- particularly Compressors and EQ's
-Future support (read as Company's viability; a sensitive issue after
the Opcode failure)

The merits of these platforms are evident so there is no need for a
flame war over which is better.  I'm only interest in which is right for
my purposes (how's that for diplomacy).  As the Bartles and James
pitch-men used to say "thank you for your support"
Best, Sean