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Re: Electrix Repeater Wish List

Re: Electrix Repeater Wish List

>all i would like is a well documented set of instructions and a video 
>someone walking me through this box in real time, i.e. "ok 
see what
>happens to the loop when i push this button (and in stereo, mind

I just tried out the Electrix Demo Display at (Guitar Center in Chicago) 
with the provided CD and Headphones and every device that Electrix 
has on the market now.  This was actually a pretty good Demo, but it could 
have spent a little more time on getting you acquainted with the control 
surface.  It went kind of fast.  A video and CD would be excellent and I 
think that Electrix has proven that they can do it right.  Just slow it 
a little... I'm not a spastic 16 year old whiz kid anymore...

...........i must agree with lance, this is the forum for
>this..........i am a simple "rang"* user and i must say that 
the reading of
>these posts is a wonderful "learning" 

I think it's great to hash it out with designers/manufacturers on a public 
list.  It makes the competition to make amazing equipment even more fierce.
Plus as previously mentioned, you can learn something about the theory and 
ideas behind these boxes.  Which can make you a more accomplished 
I feel like the golden age of sound manipulation has barely begun...

BTW I'm recent to this list, and I must say that I like it's archives the 
best of any I've been on yet.  The posts are quite informative and 
creative...  kind of like loooping.....

Nick Wilson aka spacemodule

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