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Re: Performance with Computers/DJ-ing

> I'm curious as to how people are using their computers for live 

I use Max/Msp on a Lombard 400 OS 8.6 192 meg (not enough) with a foot
operated mouse (no hands mouse) while I play saxophones etc.I'm putting up
with the crap sound manager latency until I get mLan and go to heaven (yeah


I get around the crap sound manager latency by not demanding any timing
accuracy from my Max patches.I went down the "trying to make Max play along
with the rhythm section" road for a while, it's not happening (yet).
I'm working with a "laptop band" at the moment.They play, and they DJ with
mp3s and soft samplers, so that's where the grooves come from.I leave my 
rhythmic input to my live horns and percussion.The Max patches I have
developed sample my live input, and I variously goof around with those
samples in all sorts of ways, I'm particularly fond of a real time Doppler
effect spatialisation patch I've modified (the sound of the saxophone 
going past the bandstand at great speed).I can trigger playback quite
accurately for riffs, but I'm not really interested in trying to sound like
the Tower of Power, better just to get real people for that.
Max/msp has it's drawbacks, latency being most of them , but for the
flexibility I'm putting up with it.The only other thing that is annoying is
not being able to stand up when I'm playing.