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Re: loop modulation ala eh-16

I scored an RDS 7.6 on ebay a while back. I need to

A question for the other RDS owners.......

I've tried connecting all of the rear panel control
jacks to a patch bay for easy access. However, I've
found that plugging into the delay time jack disables
the front panel delay knob. I would prefer to have
foot pedal & knob control available. Is this possible?


--- the Reverend Rob <reverendrob@realm-of-shade.com>
> At or around 10:29 PM 8/16/00 -0700, John Tidwell
> wrote:
> >I suppose the old Digitech RDS delays would allow
> you
> >to modulate a loop.
> They all do allow you to do just that, and there's a
> reason I have several
> in my rack.
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John Tidwell

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