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Re: loop modulation ala eh-16

>>I was just remembering fondly my EH-16 I bought back in 83 and its 
>>to modulate the loop by sweeping the playback rate.  Although the sound 
>>low-fi, that was a terrific effect. I miss that puppy (but I lucklily
>>ditched it as a 'collectable' before it was completely haywire)
>>I suppose that was possible/easy because of the analog design. Is it
>>resonable to expect digital looping gear to do weird things like that?
>The line 6 Dl-4 does that sort of thing really well...  in fact, I think
>it has an emulation of that specific device!

Not true...The DL4 loops cannot be modulated like the Digitech PDS and RDS
units (which is a bummer, IMO)  Although being able to set your loop length
on the fly, 1/2 speed and backwards functions go beyond what the Digitechs
could do.

I have tried to mimic the Digitechs by using the Digital Delay setting on
the DL4 and setting the repeats all the way up.  You still get signal
coming into the delay line, but you can get it so it is essentially
'infinite repeating'.

Now comes the problem.  With the Digitechs, if you adjusted the Delay rate,
you would get this smooth pitch change as you adjusted the rate.  It would
ramp up or down in a nice controllable manner.  The DL4 tends to freak out
alot easier, and then you get these really whacked sounds that are infinite
repeating, causing me to rush to the 'repeats' knob and turn it down, as my
cats go running out of the room.

I am finding the more i use the DL4, i appreciate it more as a tabletop,
studio 'delay modeler' (discreet stereo and 24 bit) than a predictable
performance unit.  I definitely use it live, but stick mostly to the looper
section and use an expression pedal to control the mix of the loop.  Once
you start fiddling with the knobs on the DL4, you get some surprises...some
good, some not so good.