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Re: Long DL4 post (was: loop modulation ala eh-16)

>Who's selling the Line 6 exp pedal for $80??!!

Line6 from their website!!!

So much for saving by buying direct.  Took about 6 weeks to get it too...
The reason i bought it is that i use the reverse delay as one of my
presets, and the expression pedal would sweep the mix from 100% clean to
100% reverse delay (a nice effect).  When i did it manually without the
pedal, the 100% reverse would have absolutely no original signal, just all

As soon as i tried to use the pedal, you could still hear a tiny bit of the
original signal.  Not much, but a little.

I thought it was my EV5...So i splurged and bought the Line6 pedal (too
lazy to go shopping for a better price, i guess).

However, the Line6 pedal does it too.

Like i said, the exp. pedal implementation definitely could use some work.