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Re: Repeater and foot control

does the paridis controller have those little plastic buttons?
i have found the ones on the oberheim to be too finicky.
i modified a digitech fc300 (though i only get three functions this way)
and it seems a lot more positive.

i am thinking of making my own full controller for the edp using the
same buttons as the fc300, but they are kind of expensive.

i also considered making a bunch of individual footswitches, each with
one button, one resistor, and a parrallel out so they could be
this would allow me to (for example) put the record button under my heel
while playing congas. this could get out of hand, though with all the
and cables causing a big spagetti mess...

then again, maybe i should just go with a midi controller?

i am a beginner with the edp so i would love to hear some recomendations...

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> >Matthias Grob wrote:
> >
> >  > Thats a good point!
> >>  And I could contribute some hints about the mechanics so the switch
> >>  action is time acurate!
> >
> >beware of Mathias he dont likes sequencers... so.... speaking of time
> >accuracy ????
> >
> No? gime a chance to change... the last nights I spent in creating
> drum patterns for my new (well, used) QY20 slave so it shall put some
> gas into the loops I will support that art bar with tomorrow...
> When I say time accuracy, I relate to the delay you get on most
> switches between touching it and actually closing the contact. Those
> you have to press with some foot velocity which then again may
> disturb playing.
> The Oberheim one is better than many others, but PARADIS still had the
> Did you actually tell the list about our final meeting and lakeshore
> sundown to moonup show?
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