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RE: Newbie Questions

Acid Pro works fine for recording and creating loops. I've even used it as
a pretty capable multitrack recording system. Two fx inserts per track,
and pretty decent timing and editing for something that wasn't really
intended as a pro mutitrack. I do strongly approve of Cool Edit Pro,
however. The interface is by far the easiest to deal with of all the pro
or semi-pro level recording packages, though flexibility and features are
definately compromised. 

WaveSurgeon or ReCycle are best for taking some of the agony out of the
process. They have good peak and rhythym detecting algorithms, and put cut
points in where they should be. Wavesurgeon is shareware, and recycle
isn't terribly expensive. Hope all this helps...


On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Cody Davis wrote:

> I am a newbie as well. I don't think you can create loops in Acid, only
> assemble them. You need a audio program like Goldwave (shareware) or Cool
> Edit Pro (much better but costs as much as Acid) to create loops. Cool 
> Pro does not give you the ease of assembling that Acid does. Acid does 
> and tempo change anywhere within your composition as well as there is 
> control within the loop that is graphically editable. You may even bring 
> same loop in and change its key and use it as a separate track. I hope I
> have been help.
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>   From: Craig Sinclair [mailto:stratboy@home.com]
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>   Subject: Newbie Questions
>   Hi,
>   I want to start incorporating loops in my bands live performances. The
> only experience I've had with loops was doing a sideman guitar stint with
>   an artist who used loops on a couple of tunes. I really enjoyed the
> overall feel that these loops added to the music. So as I get ready to 
> into looping, I'm a little overwhelmed with the possibilities.
>   I am planning on using Acid Pro 2.0 to create the loops, are there any
> other software packages that anyone would recommend over Acid?
>   The big question I have is how to actually incorporate the loops into 
> live performances. Presently our keyboard player doesn't have any 
> devices in his rig. We have been doing a couple of tunes where we use his
> Ensonic Fizmo's arpeggiator to do some "loop-type" performances. This has
> been good practice in playing with a set time source. The only problem 
>is I
> would like a little more variety with the loops.
>   Here is how I want to use the loops on stage. Once the loops are 
> I plan on burning them down to CD and using a CD player live and feed 
> through the monitors for the "click track"  Am I on the right track with
> this plan?  If so, does anyone know of any CD players that come with a
> footswitch for starting and stopping?
>   Thanks for any advice on this subject
>   Craig