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Re: Repeater Info Online

rich (01:41 PM 09.14.2000) wrote:

 >>Electrix has posted up a TON of info about Repeater.
 >And a picture of my current live rig setup...which i sent to Damon a while
 >back (in their 'gear spotted' page).  Meanwhile, my head has swelled to
 >such enormous proportions that my coworkers are complaining when i get 
 >in the doorways!


(and don't forget to read that new article in the "views" section! :)

 >ps.  Damon, is Chris Vrenna a guy or a girl?

Chris is a guy. Outside of the male pronouns used in the text, you can 
(usually) tell by someone's hands. But, I also know that Chris is a guy.

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