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RE: Repeater Info Online

>At 01:37 PM 9/14/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>You could use Repeater like a delay line by setting an initial loop 
>>and then just leaving it in record mode with the overdub regeneration 
>set to
>>your desired amount. This means you could have a 190 second delay with 
>>memory that ships with Repeater.
>It sounds like an interesting tool, of course... but why was the delay 

That is a delay, is it not?  With all that the Repeater is offering, 
i would hope that us crazy loopers would be able to figure out how to 
mangle things up to our satisfaction.  What Damon is saying is that 
the unit is flexible, like the 'feedback' control of the EDP.  This 
seems better than the old delay units with the infinite repeat, in 
that you don't have to guess the length of the delay to catch the 
infinite repeat if you had a long setting (catching a rythmic loop on 
a Digitech 8-second was a bitch).

You just tap in the loop length and let it decay off with however 
many repeats you want.  Then turn record off, turn the regeneration 
up and your in 'loop' mode.  am i right here?

With the pitch shifting capabilities, i am hoping i can use this 
beast as a 'melting' of my two favored tools....Lexicon Jamman and 
Digitech PDS pedals, without the limitations of each.

Setting loop lengths and tapping in delay times ala Jamman, and being 
able to twist pitches around ala the digitechs, and being able to go 
from 'delay' mode into 'infinite repeat' and back like the digi's.

A question, though, while i'm thinking about the digitechs...If you 
start changing the tempo on a specific loop, could you have it where 
it actually did affect the pitch?  Like turning the delay time knob 
on the digitechs?  I really do wish to alter tempo and keep the pitch 
the same at times, but one of the cool things on the digi's was to 
have the regeneration fairly low, catch an infinite repeat and start 
mangling with the delay time knob, and then cut the infinite repeat 
out and go into 'delay' mode and your warped signal faded fairly 
quickly because of the low regen setting.  Nice for 'doppler' kind of