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godboxes and other inventions

>  >But, if a named company comes public with questions about a new idea, 
>>can bet that people figure that something is up, and they will take a bit
>>more notice. In fact, "they" may be another manufacturer listening in on
>>the ensuing conversation. And... They may take enough notice of the
>>conversation to start down a similar development path themselves. In 
>>they may BEAT the first company to market.
>Uh huh... and this, instead of keeping things at the MINIMUM would open 
>doors for CREATIVE COMPETITION, as well as business competition...
>I have an awesome new invention for guitarists, but I can't get anyone to
>manufacture it, and I can't afford to do it myself. I've had it for nearly
>8 years, but can't find a way to get it to the public... it's not always
>easy, even though every person who sees this thing says "BANK, dude!"

James, since opening up ideas and sharing them to everyone would, in 
your opinion, open up the doors for creative competition and make for 
better products...

would you share what your awesome new invention for guitarists is?

there are a number of folks here who have taken ideas from concept to 
completion (such as our host, mr. flint).  maybe we can help in some 

you don't have a GODBOX up your sleeve, do you?

best regards,