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Re: sound demos etc.

> Depending how quickly Repeater is able to switch loops, you should be 
> to switch to different length loops on the fly, allowing us to mimic the
> multiple loop set-up on the EDP, with the addition of 4 separate tracks,
> pitch change, scrubbing, mixing, etc. And since everything is under MIDI
> control, you could sequence this...

Exactly. And yes, Repeater will change loops fast enough. 

>Why don't you make some sound demos and put them up on the web site? Not
>only would this solidify the purchases of many who are thinking of buying,
>but I also think it help corral new purchases for you too. In short, a 

>Question is: will you do this? And, if so, when?

We will definitely do this.  
We are exhibiting at AES next week so we are a little busy. I'd say by the 
of September we should get some demos going on our site. I'll post to the
group as soon as they are up.