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Re: Repeater Track Length Workaround

At 11:14 AM -0700 9/16/00, Mark Landman wrote:
>Some of us were recently bemoaning the fact Repeater's 4 tracks are all 
>same length, compared to being able to switch between different length
>loops on the good ol' EDP. Personally it doesn't strike me as a big
>problem, but something occurred to me...

you seem to be confusing what a track is vs. what a loop is..... I
understood the repeater let you have some large number of different loops
of whatever length, but the tracks in each had to be the same length.

>On the same subject, I'd like to suggest this loop switching work the way
>Electribe pattern switching does (yeah, I love them electribes...), that 
>a loop is running, the change to the new selected loop doesn't occur until
>the end of the currently running loop. If the loop is "stopped" (I guess
>muted actually), the change happens asap.

On the Echoplex we let you choose, by way of the SwitchQuant parameter.
Either it always switches immediately when you hit the button, or it is
quantized to the next cycle point as you want here. (and the next software
version will give the option of switching loops at the next loop point, for
those interested...)   You will find you want different methods of loop
switching depending on the application.


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