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Re: Repeater Group Buy

>Sorry Kim, you never did teach me much in these years, but some 
>snobbish engineer attitude...keep talking about loopers, forgetting 
>the reason of it all...where is music here? Did we forget about it? 
>or it's only about boxes' features...others though did teach me in 
>schools and privately, S.Henderson, J. Diorio, M. Goodrick, M.Stern, 
>J.Abercrombie, W.Krantz, B. Connors, S. Khan. T.Greene, 
>C.Banacos...no Flint!!!
>                           take care   Italo

you're both snobs, IMO.  what does this little bitch fight really 
accomplish?  y'all sound like schoolgirls...

italo, slamming kim about "it's only about boxes' features..." is 
definitely calling the kettle black.  you and your Orville posts are 
dripping with feature-laden techno-babble.

and name dropping your 'who's who' list to take another stab isn't 
exactly endearing...

all this over the Repeater?  (just another 'box', right?..."where's 
the music here?")

cmon, Damon, wanna join in the mudfight?  yeeeahaaa!