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Re: Repeater questions

>There always the Peavey PC 1600x Midi controller with 16 faders and 
>16 buttons all assignable to various midi functions. It also has 
>inputs for exped and footswitch control, but not in the quantities 
>we're talking...(4 and up) The good thing is that you can assign the 
>pedal or footswitch to control MULTIPLE midi events with different 
>scaling etc. all in all, a very powerful tabletop tool.
>I'm finding that if I'm gonna use midi tweakers on the floor OR 
>table, I usually want to scale them to fine tune things. If the 
>controller is not scalable, you lose fair amount of control. Many 
>modules allow you to do the scaling in their box, but it's nice (and 
>I believe more convenient) to be able to do it from the controller 
>as well.

I have a 1600x for table operation and recently bought another 
mainboard (no display, no faders, no transformer) as spare part. The 
idea is to program it in the table version and build it into the 
pedal, with foot operatable faders. Once the program is made, the 
display is not necessary...
...but I did not find time yet to do it.

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