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Repeater update

Even though Jordan's post would lead one to believe that he has a
Repeater in hand, I've yet to hear of any of them hitting the streets.
I'm wondering what the progress/prognosis is on the Repeater.  We
haven't heard from Damon in a while, and I noticed that a request a
while back for a status report went unanswered.

I've been mostly lurking on looper's delight for a couple of months,
with my yen for a "looper of my own" has been getting stronger all the
time.  The Repeater really looks like a good start for me (nice
price/feature point from what I can tell), but on the other hand, I hear
from a Gibson rep that EDP's will be available very shortly, but only
for a brief time (shipping in mid-Dec, and then not available again
until at least Feb).  If the Repeater looks like a pretty sure bet in
the next month or two, I'll hold off.  But I'd really like to know
whether to wait, or to grab a "bird in the hand"   =)