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Repeater Delay

Hi gang,

I work in the computer gaming industry, and I am extremely used to the 
of 16-year-old gaming fans screaming that the latest game they were 
"promised" is being delayed for "another" six months. However I must admit 
that I am very taken aback by the response certain otherwise very 
intelligent members of this list have had to the Repeater's delay.

It comes down to this: "Do you want it now, or do you want it right?" Any 
fly-by-night company can promise the Godhead 950xl with an alpha and omega 
list of features, and then deliver a device on time that sucks the cream 
of an ass pastry. Buggy, crappy, does nothing that they promised, but hey, 
it was on time. As a manufacturer/developer you live and die by the final 
product not by arbitrary deadlines that you set two years previously. 
Because when it is all said and done, and you finally deliver something 
is everything that people wanted and everyone is happy, no one will 
that it was late (until your next product is late) but everyone will 
remember the crappy thing that you released "on time."

And so you feel betrayed and justified because Damon "lied to us." Do me a 
favor and name one company in the world that doesn't try to put a spin on 
something they know their target audience is going to be unhappy with. You 
sure were happy enough to take it for granted when he was taking the time 
share ideas and concepts with us and offering us glimpses that the rest of 
the public didn't get access to. Sure he was building up hype and more 
a little self-marketing at the same time but you and I were lapping it up 
the time and I for one appreciate the time and info.

So calm down, and realize that you aren't really mad at Electrix for "not 
having it when they promised," you are really just mad in general that you 
"didn't get to have it when you wanted it." Please stop the overly 
tirade against Electrix. They don't suck, they are a great company (the 
FilterFactory rocks) and if they deliver everything they promise in March 
(or August, or next year) the truth is all the complaining and whining you 
are making now is gonna sound like just so much complaining and whining. 
Because you know what? You are still going to buy it.

Sorry, rant over.


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