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RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

Would it be too rude to ask what the Repeater is going to be used for 
by those upset by the delay in shipping?

Is it being used in a professional environment, where the absence of 
such equipment would cause economic hardship (ie: time, labor, and 
money spent on doing it via another method)?

Or is it a new looper, adding to/replacing/complimenting your 
existing rig/studio?

Is it your first looper?


>I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and put a timeline on
>something, but I would rather have the worst possible info and be
>pleasantly surprised than to receive the most optimistic info and be
>sorely dissapointed.  If Damon were to communicate the current
>punch-list that they (the engineers) are working on and some approximate
>timelines to go with the issues, then we would have a much better idea
>of what to expect and more apt to be patient.