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Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

rich (07:55 AM 01/30/01) wrote:

 >Would it be too rude to ask what the Repeater is going to be used for
 >by those upset by the delay in shipping?

I changed the subject because I'm not upset by the shipping delay, but I 
think that looking at how folks will use Repeater is worthwhile.

Outside of the straight out looping functions, I'm looking at Repeater as 
sound design tool. One of the things that Damon and I got REALLY 
sidetracked on was the nature of being able to change tempo without 
changing pitch.

In the demo movie, there is a really quick look at what this can be like, 
but you really need to spend a few minutes listening to _drastically_ 
slowed down loops to get a handle on this.

Take a 4 bar drum loop at 134bpm, then push it down to 1bpm. Listening to 
kick drum build and evolve over a minute of wall clock time is _wild_. Add 
to that the ability for Repeater to work as master clock, and thus be able 
to clock an effect like a flange, and you're looking at a very cool effect.

Remember also that Repeater and resample into itself... So, keep the loop 
running at 134bpm, hang a flanger on the effects loop, trigger the flange 
in sync, and resample the results. Now time shift that down to 1bpm, and 
you get a wonderful, blossoming, colorful sound that you simply have to 

There's a lot in this box...