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Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

> Well, if so, that's better than just doubling, but I *really* like the 
>"hit the button when you're done" approach of the EDP.  I'm finding that 
>not needing to plan out in advance is making a huge (positive) difference 
>for me.  If I have to think in advance "I want 3 repetitions", the 
>looping processing is not going to be as free form. Elby

You're right Elby... Imaging having to remember when the end of 16 cycles 
is after making tons of bizarre space stuff. You're bound to miss... But 
still, I'd prefer *picking* the number of cycles rather than having to 
double... then double again, etc. We'll see how it really works. I get the 
feeling it would be stupid to dump the EDP for the Repeater... they'll 
both be extremelyl useful for a different but overlapping set of uses. 
Can't wait!