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Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

Mike Biffle (03:17 PM 01/30/01) wrote:

 >> There _is_ a display on Repeater which shows Measure, Beat and Clock. 
 >can see when the loop is coming around. It's LED, so you don't have to 
 >an LCD panel to see it. Mark
 >That presumes that I'm actually looking for the light! 8-) I could be
 >stomping on pedals or have my eyes closed, tripping out until I felt like
 >ending the multiply! (I'm not negative about the way the Repeater works...
 >I'm in ecstasy thinking about all the new choices available!).

heh. Good point! :)

Okay... Down there in the "1000" both section at NAMM was a bass-thumper 
company. One of the things that they're doing now is not just making 
thumpers for drum thrones, but they're also making full range thumpers for 
dance floors.


I see a box coming out which interfaces to Repeater and triggers off of 
MIDI notes which are synced to Loop/Measure/Beat. Then, you attach a full 
range thumper to a pedal board, and put your foot on it. You'd feel:

   TOCK tick tick tick TOCK tick tick tick KABONG{loop}