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RE: Repeater memory

>If you think you will
>be making a 23 second or higher loop, that will require 4 full tracks, 
>just record directly to the CFC card.

Great, Damon...but are there going to be any performance compromises 
by recording directly to CFC? (load time/switching 
loops/resampling/etc)  Could someone buy a, say, 64mb card and just 
work off of that card all the time?  Can you have the card in when 
you power up and power down?  is there a button configuration you 
have to set to get it to write to CFC each time you power up, or can 
that be set permanently?  (I'm thinking JamMan's inability to store 
the midi channel here...ya got to do it each time you power up)

I think it will be absolutely bitchen if working off the card was 
seamless to working off of internal memory.  I would just leave the 
damn card in all the time and just have some spares with me.  am i 
thinking correctly here?