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Re: Repeater and EDP

Stephen Bradley and Kristen Chamberlin (05:02 PM 02/07/01) wrote:

 >Does anyone actually HAVE both a repeater and an EDP?  Or does nobody
 >actually have the repeater yet?

Repeater is not yet shipping.

Damon Langlois (the Electrix rep here on the list) is no longer giving 
guesstimates. They'll ship when they're happy with the performance.

The machine was first shown in July 2000, and live audio demos were given 
at the NAMM show this past January so the product is close.

Some folks on the list have more information than others due to Damon once 
making a beta copy of the manual available for people to browse through. 
Also, Damon has been pretty good about answering questions as they come up.