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RE: Z. Vex´s Stompbox looper...

Title: RE: Z. Vex´s Stompbox looper...

>my impression was that he had not done a whole lot of research into the
>looping world.
i think yer wrong, there; i talked w/zach about this looper, years ago.....
incl. discussions of pitch-triggering/CV-pedals..... & i'm pretty sure that i
was not the only one to do so.
zv's mfg. decisions seem to be based upon what *he* likes; freaky as he may
be, most of what he creates is frightfully cool, for me!

cool. as i said it was just my impression from speaking with him. maybe he was doing the close-to-the-vest pedal guy thing - - not wanting anyone to steal his stuff.

>as this was about a month ago, i have no idea how current this info is.
>i'm pretty interested in the whole idea, but wonder how useful it'll be for
>most of the people on this list.
everybody's different, right?

** yeah - - and i'm probably just as interested in his pedal as i am in the repeater or boss thingie . . .