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Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

> Re the Rang 2nd Editon:
> If you have a loop running, is it possible to tap a shopter tempo,
> "capturing" a peice of a longer loop?

nope. not unless you have another rang, or a dl4 etc. next to the v2.

 Similarly, can a longer time be
> tapped in, capturing multiples of the original loop?

nope again.

 Also, am I right in
> thinking the roller allows the user to change the feedback level, from
> 0-100%?

nope. the roller does have a wet/dry mix function in the tap echo mode. my
friend bruce, who i've added into the note, has suggested that mike add
perhaps another roller for this function or the option of an expression
pedal. the manual option to change the rates is nicer than the old rang but
a roller to effect this parameter would be real sweet.

bruce stofft i believe i've added you onto this note with.

the v2 is not a cut and paste sampler. the v2 has two independent loops 
can be recorded and layered upon. it is a very intuitive tool. the v2
upgrade fixed the low sample rate problem. now at 24 the rang compares to
the edp, repeater and the dl4.

there is more diversity in your set up options with the v2 when targeting
certain buttons that have multi function capabilities. for example your 
looping capabilities come from the once/ab button. in one programming mode
the button acts as a play loop once and stop button. in the ab mode you 
the option of the dual loop and even an option that will automatically play
the b loop once then jump back into the a mode. as opposed to switching to 
and having it infinite repeat until you hit your loop a button again.

you have feedback options at 1, 4, 6, 9, 12, over 20 and infinite (you
cannot change these rates on the fly. you must stop and enter the options
mode.). you can also set the half speed mode to hit a number of pitches,
down a 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th and a whole octave. (i mainly use the whole 
mode.) ( unlike the dl4 you cannot enter half speed mode when in play mode.
you must stop hit half speed then start play again.)

if the manual for the v2 is listed on loopers delight it will explain 
all the v2 functions. you can also email mike nelson direct at
mnelson@boomerangmusic.com . he normally monitors this list but has had to
take some time off for personal reasons. he does not like "which looper
should i buy?" questions though. fyi.

the rang is not midi. for what it is, a great real time live sampler that
has just enough functions to keep it interesting and challenging on stage
and at home, the rang is the best bet for me. one year when i have more
time, haha, on my hands i will purchase an edp, repeater to see what all 
fuss is about. my learning curve time allowance is too thin these days for
such a new endeavourer.

best wishes and good luck with your choices. either way you can't go wrong.
get them both if and when you can. i eventually will. for now the rang
forfills my needs above and beyond at home and on stage.

if you have any rang set up questions feel free to contact me.


jimmy george

> Re:Electrix products:
> Am I right in thinking that for all their midi capabilities,
> there are no preprogrammable memories on the majority of Electrix
> processors?  I mean, some of them look great (particularly the mofx) but
> since I need to play my guitar (which makes changing fx setting somewhat
> difficult), without presets it's of limited use.  The webpage doesn't 
> to address this anywhere...
> Mike