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interesting dilema (PITTSBURGH GIG SPAM)

in my never ending quest to spread "LOOPISM" in am playing an open mic type
show tomorrow nite at CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, 8:00, it is a  benefit for
some RADICAL WOMENS COLLECTIVE (im sorry, i just dont know which
one).....everyone gets like 10 mins to play so what is interesting is the
scaled-back nature of what im going to play through, im not going to take all
my bells and whistles, just my *g* (the unmentionable word) and my rang.....i
may not be able to make the "BIG NOISE" with this set-up but it should still
be fun.....my main objective is to meet some other players, hope i dont scare
them away.....:).....also in the near future, april in fact, im going to set
up a LOOPING DEMONSTRATION at my local library.....i will not rest untill
pittsburgh is the center of the looping universe..... :)m