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Re: OT: Sound Card question

you guys should check out a program called ghost.
you can backup your system drive bit for bit.
i usually set up a clean install of windows and the software
i use a lot and ghost it.  then if something goes haywire,
i just back up any data that has changed and unghost.
it takes far less time than reinstalling everything.

i don't usually need to do this as often as you are talking about, though.

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> >Honestly, Win9x is the only OS that I swear actually
> >deteriorates over time.  My audio box at home runs Win9x (for
> >software compatiblity and budget reasons), and I have to rebuild
> >the little squirt about every few months, usually because I've
> >installed some software or update that's wacked something else
> >on the box.  Typical.  I tried tracking system file changes, but
> >the descrepencies I found in.dll versioning made that pretty
> >unrewarding.
> >
> >Best,
> >Mike
> I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I get 4 months out of my Win98 OS 
> before I have wipe it all out & start over. And usually the last month 
>and a 
> half is very frustrating. Once I hit the big one I'll probably go Mac, 
> until then I'll continue lose my hair every 3 months or so. My wife 
> enjoys it, because there is a time based pattern when I become 
> frustrated, and start crying for no reason! Poetic Justice I guess. :)
> Pete
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