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Steve discovers feedback...

...of the loop kind, not the Jimi kind...

...just been playing with the MPX-G2 JamMan function and discovered how to 
control the loop feedback via the R1 expression
pedal - this is going to be fun.

After playing on Friday night with David Friesen, I was really taken with 
some of the stuff he did with evolving loops (as DT
was talking about the other day), so decided to investigate the 
possibilities. At the moment, I'm kind of feeling my way
gingerly, and not that sure how I'm going to impliment it, but the 
possibilities for what I do are great - I've only really
used the looper in the G2 for melody stuff over other loops up til now, 
but now I've added a pitch shift and a leslie effect
to the patch, so I can switch those in and out without losing the loop...

much fun will be had - sorry Mr Leheman, I haven't fully got to grips with 
the stuff I've got, so no more toys for me for a
while! :o)

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