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Austin Texas - Thursday March the 8th, SXSW + Photos & More!

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From: Jimmy George <jimmyg@jimmygeorgearts.com>
To: <lizardcentral@jimmygeorgearts.com>
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 4:54 AM
Subject: Thursday March the 8th, SXSW + Photos & More!

> Hello my little web dwelling Mousebears ...
> Here are two shows and some JGA update information below:
> This Thursday March the 8th at Ruta Maya, 4th and Lavaca, Austin Texas
> Jimmy George's Looping Extravaganza!
> Show time 9:30 to 11:30pm
> Featuring FREE Little Debbie snack cakes for the first 9 thousand people
> the door.
> Also stupid door prizes for anyone who actually brings a live goat 
> as David Hess of Woodwork.
> ALSO ...
> SXSW Sunday March the 18th at Ruta Maya
> Jimmy George's Extra Special Looping Extravaganza!
> Featuring a dozen dancing field mice and one semi drunk mister hanky.
> Show time is 12 noon to 2pm.
> I hope you can make it out! This will be the last day of the SXSW
> ALSO...
> Other Jimmy George Arts updates accessible through the 'News' page inside
> http://www.jimmygeorgearts.com include:
> The BigEye Photography Gallery - specializing in ALL your photography
> The People's Art Gallery - NOW TAKING YOUR SUBMISSIONS!!
> The Featured Artist of the Month -  This month it is the wonderful and
> talented Melody Taylor!
> Jimmy George Arts has taken on a complete overhaul. Gone is the Java art
> applet that was cool but took so long to load into the home page. Content
> and easy     accessibility to all of the JGA features and services is our
> number one priority. Let me know of any suggestions you may have as you 
> through the site. I encourage your comments and hope that you enjoy the
> and much improved Jimmy George Arts. There will be new additions and
> on a day to day bases so keep checking back. Including the resurrection 
> the Justin Sane Publication ...
> Thanks for your continued support!
> Wishing you all well in peace,
> Jimmy George